email: jarshooch@gmail.com
/winnipeg/blono/hamilton b 1988
(download my most recent c.v. here)

jars is:

love first - empathy, compassion and love - I always try to start there, even when the world seems to push against that.
queer - I identify more with being "queer" than I do with being "gay", as I respond more to the inclusiveness, fluidity, and counter-normative character of queerness. There are parts of gay culture that I identify with... but I'm also very disturbed by the co-opting of gayness into heteropatriarchal normative structures while shaming weirdo, kink and sex positive queers to make (white, cis) gays more palatable for mainstream consumption.

gender-queer/multigender - I am somewhere in this area... sometimes I identify more with one gender over the other, or sometimes as neither, or sometimes as both. There is a lot about masculinity that I've always felt uneasy with, and I feel myself becoming more gender-queer as I get older and more comfortable in my own skin.

they/them/theirs - I prefer these pronouns. To a lesser degree, I am okay with he/him/his as I've spent a majority of my life identifying as such (and to some extent, still do). To be able to pass as a white male, and even sometimes as a straight white male, is a privilege that I have that others do not and I recognize that, and it is a responsibility of mine to use my privilege to be an ally and fight for the rights of people who don't have that privilege.

jars - is what I go by. My legal and given name is josh roach and throughout my life I have mostly identified by it, and will sometimes continue to do so (or by parts of it.) jars hooch is an acronym of josh roach - I enjoy how my given name breaks down into something new, and a bit silly and flippant. I think its appropriate considering how I identify and the stuff that I make.

maker - I prefer the term "maker" over the term "artist". There is a lot about the art world that I do not like, and I feel very conflicted by it. I think important to combat the hierarchies that exist in modes of creativity, as mediums such as traditional craftwork or video-games are often viewed as lessor-than, even when there is so much intellectual and emotional substance in them. Concept is important, but I like to emphasize the power and soulfulness of ones sensory experience with an art-object.

big/fat/large - another large part of my identity, so to speak, is my body shape and size. My body image has always been integral to the work that I create, and my costumes/suits/clothes are an extension of my vulnerabilities.

Upcoming Events & Exhibition

I am currently working on level design, writing, character development and play-testing for the video for a couple of video games made my partner Resni (Ryan Melmoth).

Video screening of [poly] during Photophobia at Hamilton Artists Inc on August 10th starting at 8:30.

Recent Exhibitions

2019, August, Photophobia, Hamilton Artists Inc, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

2019, April, innie/outie, CVA110, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2019, April, Student Annual Exhibition, University Galleries, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2019, March, TIME/SHARE, Lit. on Fire Bookstore (through Project 1612), Peoria, Illinois, USA.

2019, January, MFA Biennial, University Galleries, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2018, December, Regular Style, MFA Exhibition Online (online).

2018, November, Meat Cute, Lalaland, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

2018, October, spaceballz, _211F_, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2018, April, Student Annual Exhibition, University Galleries, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2018, April, Small Favors, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

2018, January, Hands, Milner Library, Normal, Illinois, USA.

Recent Performances

2019/04/10, BEAROBO crashes the Annual, University Galleries, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2019/04/06, |herenothere|, CVA 110, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2019/01/25, [poly], University Galleries, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2018/10/17, "Chrysalis" parts I & II, with slowthrower, Nightshop, Bloomington, Illinois, USA.

2018/08/03, hot shop, RampArts, Bloomington, Illinois, USA.

2018/05/03, Blades of Grass, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, USA.

2018/04/11, glitterbug, University Galleries, Normal, Illinois, USA.



with Ryan Melmoth, video and video games, 2014-current.

with slowthrower (Chris Albert and Ryan Paluczak), music and performance, 2018-current.

with Emily Lehman, performance and video, 2017-18.

with Michael Blake, sculpture, 2018.